Misting Fans: Non-wet cooling fans, mobile & fixed mist fans
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imgp3142Mr Mista supplies centrifugal-based, non-wet cooling fans, mobile and fixed, for common applications such as livestock farming, greenhouses, office humidification, general cooling and dust control.

The uses of centrifugal-based, non-wet cooling fans are expansive and benefit a diverse range of industries including mining, agriculture, paper processing, printing, and commerce. These misting fans represent an excellent choice for residential, commercial and industrial evaporative cooling.

Mr Mista cooling systems require far less energy in comparison to conventional air-conditioners, and they can be installed in either an industrial or domestic environment with equal ease.

These quality products reduce heat-stress, increase staff productivity, facilitate a healthy work environment and attract more customers.
Mr Mista is your definitive solution for misting systems.


A myriad of applications:

Factories & workshops, pools, patios, braai areas, restaurants, bars and clubs, sporting & recreational events, queues, walkways, seating areas, farming and agricultural environments.